Recent Developments

A new courthouse was completed in May 2012. The new building takes in a renovation of the existing Supreme Court building and its façade together with a modern extension to house the Magistrates’ Courts and staff office space. It links between Main Street and Town Range and provides four Supreme Courts, two Magistrates’ Courts and a Coroner’s Court. The courtrooms all feature advanced audio-visual equipment for the display of evidence and the recording of court proceedings.

As well as the increase in courtrooms, the building provides a significant improvement in facilities for court users and better office space for staff. Improvements to facilities include improved disabled access, consultation rooms for counsel and their clients, secure video-link rooms for vulnerable witnesses to provide evidence, video-link to prison, improved public waiting areas, improved public counter facilities and better public information systems.

The Gibraltar Courts Service is also working with the Government of Gibraltar to look at opening access to more court information through the internet. It is important that justice is seen to be done and there is complete transparency in the system. To help this, selected Supreme Court judgments and Court of Appeal judgements will be available through this website shortly and we are working to provide more information on the outcome of cases.